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DIY Watercolor Vinyl

Vinyl is great. Its so versatile and in this post I’m going to show what I did with printable vinyl.

Its very easy to find solid vinyl, but patterned vinyl can be expensive and specific patterns are hard to fine. Luckily, there is printable vinyl for all your customized vinyl needs.

I picked up this printable vinyl a few weeks ago at Michaels. For my first project using it, I wanted to create some watercolor vinyl using watercolor graphics I picked up a while back.

To get started, the printable vinyl sheets are standard 8.5 x 11, so I opened up Microsoft Word and imported the graphics. I decided to just do two sheets to start. You can see screen shots of the Word documents below:

I set the printer to high gloss photo paper settings and printed both sheets. My printer is a pretty basic inkjet Epson printer, but it handled the printable vinyl very well.


After printing, I let the sheets dry for about 30 minutes so as not to smudge the ink. At this point, the vinyl is ready to go if you’d like, but it is not waterproof.

In order to make it more durable, I decided to use acrylic sealer. You can also purchase vinyl laminate that can be layered on the printed vinyl to waterproof it.

Below is the vinyl as I sprayed it with acrylic sealer. Note, if you’ve never worked with acrylic sealer, it STINKS and you should definitely always use it in a well ventilated area – preferably outside. The vinyl had a tendency to want to curl up, so I applied some tape to try to keep it as flat as possible.


I let the sealer dry overnight and other than a few spots where the sealer pooled a bit the vinyl turned out very well.

I cut a simple design on my silhouette on the green vinyl and I’m very pleased with how it came out. I’m a little hesitant to use it on any drinkware because of the remaining smell from the acrylic sealer. Maybe a laptop or cell phone decal? I definitely want to test out its durability.


I have also ordered some vinyl laminate, so I look forward to trying that out on printable vinyl as well. I will definitely be using printable vinyl again!

Happy Crafting!

(P.S. Shameless plug – If you want to check out any of my designs for sale, check out my Etsy store. Maybe some watercolor vinyl designs will be popping up soon!)


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