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A Housewarming Gift using Freezer Paper Stencils

A month or so ago, AC Moore was having a great sale on canvases, so I picked up a few including this cute burlap photo canvas.


I’ve been thinking of ways to turn this into a cute housewarming gift for my sister and her husband as they will be moving into their first home in about a week. Based on what I’ve read, seems like people get mixed results with vinyl and heat transfer vinyl on canvas. One suggestion I found was to use freezer paper stencils and use fabric paint on canvas.

My sister is doing a beach theme in her home and I whipped up a quick design with a starfish and vine monogram letter for their last name.


I started out by first cutting the starfish. For the freezer paper, I found the best setting is to use the “Vellum” setting in Silhouette Design Studio and adjust the blade to 3, speed to 3 cm/s and thickness to 15. For the starfish, I put the shiny side of the wax paper down onto the sticky mat and cut, but for the more detailed vine letter, I needed to cut shiny side up. Note, if you cut shiny side up you need to mirror your design.

After cutting the first stencil, I carefully laid the paper on the spot I wanted to paint on the canvas. I used a book and a piece of cardboard to provide a good surface to iron on. I ironed down the stencil make sure that it was well adhered to the burlap.


I then carefully dabbed paint over the stencil. Be careful not to go too heavy on the paint near the edge. Dabbing is better than brushing the paint on as that technique may shift the stencil or get paint under the edges. After finishing the starfish, I let it dry completely before ironing on the next stencil.

I found having a pair of tweezers was handy to pull up the small pieces of the stencil. You can either wait for the paint to dry to pull up the stencils or pull it up right away. I found that the “L” was a little more difficult. I think the loose weave of the burlap make it more difficult to get super clean lines.

Overall, I’m happy with how the whole project turned out and would definitely use this technique again. Compared to the cost of heat transfer vinyl, freezer paper and fabric paint is a cost efficient option as well!





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