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Cute, cute, cute!

So far with my Silhouette, I’ve decided that I love working with vinyl. I’ve been wanting to branch out and try some patterned vinyl.

I ordered some of this super cute polka-dot vinyl from Expressions Vinyl (you can check it out here). I wanted to use this to make a cute frame for a monogram. I recently purchased a floral-ish design (shown below) from the Silhouette Design Store and I thought it would make for a great frame around a circle monogram. I took a picture of the patterned vinyl and imported it into the library. If you move the image to the patterns folder in your library, then you can use it as a fill pattern. Its helpful to do this with a pattern vinyl so you can get a sense of how the pattern will look once the design has been cut.

Here is a picture of the design filled with the lime green polka dot pattern:


For the monogram in this one, I decided to use a circular monogram pattern I purchased off Etsy. I ended up cutting it out in white. I sized the monogram in design studio, then moved to its own file for cutting.


Once I had the two pieces cut and weeded, I cut a piece of transfer tape big enough to cover the entire pattern. I placed the tape onto the monogram first, trying to make sure it was as centered as possible. I then peeled up the tape with the monogram and placed over the frame. Very carefully, I placed the monogram within the circle and applied the transfer tape over the rest of the design.

Now my decal was ready! I applied it to my portrait to give it a personal touch 🙂


Patterned vinyl is very cute and I’d like to try to print some patterns of my own with printable vinyl.

Happy Crafting!

(Shameless plug – if you’d like to get one of these decals for yourself you can snag one from my Etsy shop here :


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