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DIY Floating Frame Decor

Happy Saturday!

Today I finished one of my favorite projects to date. Since getting my Silhouette, I’ve admired the beautiful floating frame projects. I think it makes for gorgeous decor and I’m so excited to say that I finished my first floating frame project.

It all started last Saturday when I was out consignment shopping with my sister. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for affordable frames and other knick knacks to transform with my Silhouette. Tucked in a nook in the back, I found two pieces of what can best described as “motel art.” The “art” I could care less about, the frames, however, looked great. The pair was 75% off and I scored them for a total of $12. I think all the people in the consignment store were questioning my taste as I hauled the pictures up to the checkout, but little did they know my plan for these frames 🙂


For the first frame, I started thinking about putting something cute together to hang over our bar cart. I went with “You be my glass of wine, I’ll be your shot of whiskey” – perfect quote for me and my hubby as I prefer the wine, he prefers the whiskey. My sister tells me its from a country song :).

My first step was having to remove the “motel art” occupying the original frame. It was NAILED in, so it took a few more tools than anticipated, but I eventually freed the frame. I cleaned the glass and applied a generous line of tacky glue around the inside of the frame and placed the glass on top of the glue. You want to make sure there is ENOUGH glue for a good hold, but not so much that it spills out onto the glass that is visible. I let this dry while I worked on the vinyl.


I started by measuring the frame – ~15″x15″ and created a 14″x14″ workspace in Silhouette Design Studio. I decided on Rockwell Extra Bold and Safina Script to have a nice contrast between blocky and curvy fonts. I also fond some simple wine and whiskey glass outlines. I decided on black gloss vinyl for the text and some glitter vinyl for the wine & whiskey glasses.


Note, I moved the words, the glasses outline, and glasses filling all to separate files before cutting. I found the master version was helpful when I returned to layout the final design on the glass. I cut, weeded and applied transfer tape to all the pieces. I then cleaned the glass on both sides and laid out the the design. I used blue painters tape to help with lining up the words.


Next, I used the hinge method (described here) to apply the wording, one line at a time. I did the glitter glasses last. I found the glitter vinyl I used did not stick well to the transfer tape, so it was a bit of work, but I FINALLY got them applied to the glass.

After putting one quick nail in the wall, cleaning the back of the glass again, and smoothing out a few bubbles – VOILA – I had a great new decoration for our kitchen.


TBD on my plans for the other frame 🙂 I will keep you all posted!





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