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Fairytale Wreath Decals – Layering Vinyl!

Yikes, over a week since my last post – another busy, busy week, but I’m back and I want to share my latest project.

I have been experimenting with creating different “frames” for monograms, etc. For this project, I decided to use a “fairytale wreath” I created (seen below).


I was a little concerned about the small dots and how hard they may be to work with on small scale, so I removed those and added some color with a few simple flowers.


To actually cut the vinyl, I separated the flowers from the wreath portion and cut the wreath on green vinyl and the flowers on pink.

Both patterns were very delicate and took a lot of care and patience to weed away the excess vinyl. Below are the two parts of the design after being cut & weeded.


To apply, I started by cutting a piece of transfer tape and applying it to the flowers. I then carefully lined up the flowers for where I wanted them to be on the wreath and then placed the tape over the wreath design. I slipped *ever so slightly* and got the flowers a bit off, but nothing too noticeable 🙂


To apply to a tumbler, I used the hinge method (good demonstration here). As delicate as this pattern in, its important to make sure its carefully applied and the transfer tape is removed *VERY* carefully.

Now the wreath is ready for a monogram or a name!


I love the delicate floral look of this decal and it makes a great, personalized gift.


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