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Decals, Decals, Decals

Wow – this week flew by! Busy week at work and busy weekend, but I did get a chance to work on a few small projects on my Silhouette.

The first project I’m going to share is a really quick and cute decal I made for my phone. I recently replaced my broken case and thought I’d add a cute little decoration.

I took the paw outline I used from my previous heat transfer project and a simple heart outline. This was so easy to make and cut. It can be easily sized for various phones, laptops, etc.

I would pick a different font in the future or make it a little thicker – it came out VERY thin when I sized it down for my iPhone.


I also worked on a few decals to customize tumblers for my family members. I started by working with a block-y font. I found a free font online called “Freshman” that is great for this use.

Starting with each block letter, I used thin rectangles to create an open space about 2/3 of the way “down” the letter. This leaves a space for the name text to go.

I sized each letter to about 6.5″. I made the rectangles 6″ wide and .125″ tall. I placed the top one about 3.5″ down and the next one about 2″ from the bottom of the letter. This will leave ~1.5″ space for the lettering. You can use subtract to remove the middle and weld to attach the thin rectangles.

I used a variety of patterns – chevron, floral, polka dots. This tutorial from the Silhouette School Blog gives a great “how-to” on how to get a pattern inside a shape or text.

For these, I tried out a few different font options – I like the look of a “script” font on top of the block letter.

A few lessons learned, be careful with patterns that are too delicate. The original floral pattern came out what to thin and the vinyl while I was applying it. Also, be sure to “thicken” the lettering somewhat or the script will be hard to read/get absorbed by the larger initial.


Cute, no? These decals would go great on tumblers, yetis, laptops, windows, etc.! If you’re interested in a custom decal for yourself or someone else in your life – please check out my Etsy shop. I can also do custom orders!

Happy Crafting 🙂


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