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A few good starter projects

I’m working this weekend, so sadly no time for any new Silhouette crafts. I thought I’d take some time to show off a few projects that I did to get used to the Silhouette, the Silhouette Studio software, and some of the different materials.

1. Simple Vinyl College Logo


This project was really simple & easy and a great way to get my feet wet with using the trace function in Silhouette Studio and working with vinyl.

My husband is an Aggie (BIG Aggie fan) and he’s had a Yeti for cans & bottles for a while. I wanted a simple vinyl project and I thought – how fun would it be to personalize his Yeti!

I started by searching for a good logo online. I found a nice one with good resolution. I opened it up and used the trace function. My husband’s one request was that I include the “beveling” in the logo to make the “T” stand out more, which was relatively easy to do.

I measured the area I wanted on the Yeti, sized the logo, cut a piece of maroon vinyl, and VOILA! Personalized Aggie Yeti! My husband was very happy 🙂

Now I have a great A&M logo for anything else he wants personalized. This is definitely a great starter project.

2. Wedding Card Project


We got married last July and through all the celebrations we got so many beautiful cards and messages from friends and family. I wanted a creative way to save some of the cards in a way that could be displayed around the house.

Turning to Pinterest, I found a craft where someone had used a die cutter to cut hexagon shapes out of the cards and create a framed piece with the pieces of the cards.

I took this inspiration and decided to use my brand new Silhouette to help me out. I went through my stack of cards and found ones that had unique patterns, inspirational messages, etc. and got to cutting. The hardest part of this was adjusting the blade to the right depth as some cards were much, much thicker than others.

I cut down a piece of white cardstock to 8″x 10″ and used craft glue to glue the hexagons onto the cardstock – offset from each other slightly. I had a nice 8″x10″ frame lying around which I used for the finished product.

I decided to personalize it a little bit more by using glitter vinyl for our names and wedding date. Tip: Glitter vinyl is more difficult than regular vinyl to work with and I struggled a bit with it as a beginner, but the end result was fantastic! All-in-all, this took me about a half day from start to finish.

3. “Home is where your Dachshund is.”


Hubby and I have two sweet lab mixes, but most of my family has dachshunds. I currently have a box of 8.5″x11″ frames hanging around, so I was looking for a quick craft to make a cute wall decoration for someone.

The frames I have are document frames where the glass pops out vs. the back being removed, so they are not great for floating frame decorations. I decided to use some cute patterned paper as the backing and do vinyl on the glass.

To do the design in Silhouette Studio, I worked within the 8.5″ x  11″ area to get a feeling for what font sizes worked and how to split the lines. I also found some cute Dachshund outlines in the Silhouette Studio store to include as well.


I decided to cute the dog images out of gold glitter vinyl and use black vinyl for the lettering.

To apply the vinyl, I used a painters tape to mark the lines where I wanted to apply the letters. This ensured they were evenly spaced and relatively straight.

The end result was very cute! Another quick project that helped me get more familiar with using the Silhouette.

I’ve got Monday off and some heat transfer vinyl arrived for me as I was heading out the door yesterday. Can’t wait for my next project!





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